Spacecraft | Portfolio
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Inspire your employees and impress your clients with well-designed space that shapes your brand. We transform spaces through programming, planning and design development. Our team crafts space to meet your needs. Crafting Space is our specialty and each project is designed to your needs. SpaceCraft physically and emotionally transforms environments through customized space planning, design development, furniture specification and construction administration services.  We can holistically craft your space through our diverse services and capabilities.


With specific objectives and results for your healthcare facility, we deliver the strategic solutions while meeting the needs of the employees and patients. Crafting your healthcare space takes a special approach and team to accomplish your goals. Our multifaceted team of professionals will work with your team and present a space the delivers the needs of your healthcare facility.


Crafting your space is as unique as you are, whether a mission critical facility, or a museum we physically and emotionally transform the environment to meet your needs. We use a holistic approach with our diverse knowledge and team to make sure we are crafting the space you need for these critical areas. Your vision, your brand, crafted in your space.